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Money-Saving Advice for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling


Kitchen and bathroom remodels can cost A LOT of money, but please do not let that stop you from doing either one of them inside your home! After all, you live there, and we know that you want to enjoy each one of those spaces as much as you can during that time. Thankfully, we also know a few things that can help you save some money as you are tackling these types of projects.

Here is some money-saving advice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling:

Stay Aware of the Latest Trends

Yes, the latest trends can be pricey, but if you are paying attention to them, you may be able to find the same looks for much less. Plus, your options may be eco-friendlier, which can save you even more money in the long term!

Never Move Your Plumbing

We understand that you may want to move everything around in these spaces of your home, but if you can possibly leave your plumbing where it is, do it! The reason for this is that moving plumbing can be the most expensive item within your budget, so if you keep it in place, you’ll save a ton of cash.

Keep Existing Cabinets, If Possible

As long as your existing cabinets are in excellent shape, we urge you to keep them and work them into your new plan. Instead of starting from scratch, we recommend that you paint them, replace the doors, and even change the hardware.

Only Purchase the Same Brand Appliances

You may be tempted to purchase a refrigerator from one manufacturer, a stove from another, and a dishwasher and a microwave from a third. However, none of them will match each other and your kitchen will look like it was just thrown together on a dime. We recommend doing your research and finding one of the best low-priced options that offer a bundled deal on a matching set. You will thank yourself later!

Look for Free Advice

No, you shouldn’t ask your neighbor’s cousin’s brother-in-law for advice about your home, but you can consult any of the numerous home improvement centers or contractors that offers computer-based design services for free. The employees have been thoroughly trained on how to use the computer software and they can assist you in creating the perfect plan for your kitchen and bathroom.

Never Purchase Cheap Hardware

Everyone we meet seems to think that hardware is hardware, but we disagree. A slightly more expensive piece of hardware will last much longer than the cheaper pieces, yet you won’t feel guilty if you want to change them out in a couple of years.

Don’t Try to Remodel Without a Budget in Place

Every remodeling project needs a budget and we urge you to create one before you do any other work. After all, a budget will allow you to know how much you can afford to do and prevent you from getting everything gutted and running out of money before you have purchased everything for space.

This money-saving advice will prevent you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars unnecessarily on your kitchen and bathroom remodels. And those savings can then be used to remodel the rest of your home or simply add a few fascinating features to turn it into your dream space.