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Is Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather?

All those cooler temperatures are coming and much sooner than any of us want them! If you are like us, you have been enjoying the lazier days of summer and are not ready to face the reality of the cold and snow.

However, we all need to be prepared for what is heading our way, so we do not end up with major issues that could have been avoided. A few preventative measures can keep you from needing to spend tons of money later, while keeping you comfortable all winter long.

Here are 6 things that you must do now to prepare for the cooler weather:

Keep Your Gutters Cleaned Out

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can work itself into your gutters at any time of the year. However, it is this time of the year, when the leaves are falling, that your gutters can become so jam packed that no water can flow through them. We recommend giving them a thorough cleaning at least once when the weather gets cooler, although they may need another one towards the end of the season if you do it too early.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned

Chimneys can collect quite the build up of creosote on the inside, which can cause a fire at the most inopportune time. Keeping your chimney clean will allow you to utilize your fireplace more over the winter months to keep your home warm. If you forgot to have this cleaning, and an inspection, completed in the spring, you will want to make that phone call now.

Test Your Heating System

You know you are going to need the heat at some point this winter season, as much as you wish that you could leave it off and avoid the bill! Now is the time to make sure that it works instead of the first freezing cold day when you need it.

Clean and Seal Your Deck

The days and nights that you use your deck will be getting fewer and fewer, but you will want to make sure that it is ready for you in the spring. We recommend giving it a good cleaning and even a coat of sealant to ensure that the winter weather doesn’t wreak havoc on it before you use it again.

Inspect Your Roof

Loose shingles or small holes in your roof can become detrimental during the colder months of the year. Those small holes will let cold air into your home, while those loose shingles can get torn off by the wind and other elements.

Check Out Your Windows

Cold air can also creep into your home through gaps around your windows. If you have already been feeling warmer air during the summer, you are going to have an issue this upcoming winter. We recommend either adding some caulk to your windows or having a professional inspect them to see if they need to be replaced.

A little work now will let you avoid major work in the future, while also allowing you to save some money. We promise, all of this will not take that long, and you will still be able to enjoy those warmer days that occur on occasion.