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How Replacement Windows Improve Your Home

Do you struggle trying to get your windows open? Or do they get stuck when it starts to pour and you’re trying to get them closed in a hurry? We understand your pain, especially that last one, because we know what it’s like to have a wet house from the rain that is blowing in a window that is stuck in the open position!
Thankfully, replacing your windows is easy and quite worthwhile. Yes, it will cost a little more than you would like to spend for new windows. However, you will find that the benefits will far outweigh that cost!

Here are 5 ways that replacement windows will improve your home:

No More Cold or Warm Air Drafts

How many times have you stood in front of your windows during the summer feeling the hot air seeping in, while listening to the air conditioner turn on again? How about during the winter, when all you seem to feel is freezing cold air and maybe even see some ice? You can avoid both those scenarios when you install replacement windows.

Easier to Clean

Older windows need to either be completely removed or moved up and down to reach each pane. That last one means heading outside to clean the outside of the windows or leaning out the windows precariously to accomplish the same task. New replacement windows will easily tilt in towards you, so you can stay in one place as you clean both the inside and outside panes. No more potential trips to the emergency room!

No Additional Storm Windows

Windows that were installed years ago needed additional storm windows in order to keep the air from seeping into a home. Nowadays, the window panes are manufactured so that storm windows are no longer needed. That means that your windows look much nicer from both the inside and outside.

Lower Energy Bills

New replacement windows are much more energy efficient than older windows, which means that your energy bills should be much lower in the future. They still might not be as low as you want them to be, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

More Time for You

Okay, this one won’t make much difference with your home, with the exception that it can make your house look better. Older windows normally need a lot of maintenance, whether they need to be painted or sanded and patched and then painted. All that takes time, and you will gain all that time back for yourself once you install replacement windows.

We understand that no one ever wants to think about replacing their windows. However, once you understand all the benefits of doing it, you will see why it is something that we recommend to so many people.