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End of Summer Basement Remodeling Ideas


September marks the end of summer here in the St. Leonard, Maryland area. Students are settling into their new school routines, parents are readjusting to a work-school life, and home builders are taking their work indoors. Tidewater Homebuilders often enjoys the flexibility of indoor work and remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and basements during fall and winter. This year we would love the opportunity to work with you to transform the interior of your home to be a better fit for your lifestyle. Let’s talk about basement remodeling in particular today.

Room Options

Your basement, whether finished or unfinished, can become anything your heart desires. Okay, not really; you probably couldn’t put a roller coaster downstairs. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool, though? Let’s get back on track. Your remodeled basement could become any room you desire. There we go. Let’s talk about some options now.

  • Sports Bar: The new sports bar that your friends visit on game night!
  • Lounge: Create a quiet, intimate area for entertaining and relaxing with friends.
  • Family Room: Move all the toys and child entertainment devices downstairs.
  • Den: A warm, quiet, snuggly place to unwind and relax after a long day.
  • Bedrooms: Expand your bedroom and bathroom space.
  • Apartment: Provide a nice living space for that family member who likes to visit, or rent the space as extra income.

Bright and Vibrant Colors

The right paint colors and lighting options will brighten the darkest basement. Basements are generally dark because they’re at least partially underground. Some have short, rectangular windows that line the upper portion of the wall, where others may open to a patio or sloped yard. The number and size of windows in the basement depends greatly on the slope of the property. 

White or off-white walls really brighten the appearance of a dark basement. White walls reflect light, making the most of your lighting sources. Brightly painted accent walls have the ability to introduce a warmth throughout the area and tailor the overall mood and atmosphere in the room. We’ll cover more about choosing paint colors for your basement in the near future.

No Basement Windows at All? No Problem!

Basement lighting options range from lamps which may be moved as needed to create the desired effect to recessed lighting in certain target areas, or even traditional lighting fixtures. We’ve installed several types of lighting in the basement including recessed LED lights, traditional fixtures, track lighting, task lighting, and adjustable lighting. If you’d like to talk about lighting options with us, please feel free to comment below, send us an email, or call us any time.

Enjoy Your Climate Controlled and Well-Lit Basement

The basement is always cooler than the rest of the home, which makes it very comfortable during the summer. It’s also quite possibly the perfect place to build a fireplace or install a wood burning stove. Consider choosing an area of the basement to turn into a nice, relaxing area with a heat source. The heat from the fireplace or wood burning stove will rise to help with heating bills throughout the rest of your home. 

Are you planning any basement remodeling projects this year? What are your plans? Did you like any of our ideas here? Comment below and let us know your ideas.