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Designing Your Kitchen Remodeling Project is Your Time to Shine


The Internet provides a lot of entertainment value and often keeps us glued to funny websites or videos for hours at a time. The Internet also provides a variety of websites dedicated to home beautification and remodeling. The construction specialists at Tidewater Homebuilders in the St. Leonard, Maryland area keep up with the latest trends and kitchen remodeling ideas so that we can better help you achieve your goals in your next home improvement project. Let’s take a look at a few great kitchen trends from 2014.

Standard 36” Islands

The kitchen island hit it big in the early 1990s. It has gone through several adaptations including workspace, with/without range, with/without eating area, and the multi-level island which allowed seating for people of all ages and sizes. We saw a large number of kitchen islands transform to a simple 36 inch flat area of countertop space that serves as a multi-functional centerpiece for the kitchen.

Open Shelving in Lieu of Upper Cabinets

Floating shelves have become a very popular and functional way to store decorative dishes that are intended for everyday use. Many homeowners purchase a large, bulky china cabinet in which to store their decorative dishes. This method usually renders the dishes unusable because they are outside the usable space of the kitchen. Floating shelving allows you to display those beautiful dishes while keeping them in a usable space.

Multi-Functional Pantry

Combine utility spaces and closet areas to create an amazing multi-functional pantry. Use this as an opportunity to declutter and simplify your kitchen decor to make it more functional as well. Create your over-sized pantry as not only storage for certain items, but as a functional place to make them invisible to guests. Include a cabinet, drawers, and countertop space. Store your slow-cooker, roaster, deep fryer, and other large items here. Include plenty of electrical outlets so you can use them without cluttering up the kitchen. This idea, in essence, creates additional workspace that can be hidden away by the simple closing of a door – similar to a butler’s pantry.

Back to Basics

Black countertops and white cabinets with floating shelving and intricate hardware designs have been very popular kitchen remodeling ideas this year. The white cabinets provide a stark contrast with black countertops, and most homeowners choose a brushed nickel, stainless steel, or bronze finish for their cabinet and drawer hardware. 

Creative Kitchen Design Ideas

Your kitchen is the central hub of excitement in your home. It’s often where family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company while sharing a meal. It’s where mothers and fathers teach their children to cook, and where lovers share tender moments while preparing meals together. Be creative when designing this very special space; it must fit into your lifestyle as seamlessly as those with whom you plan to share it. 

You can find just about anything you can imagine online. Now let’s put that creativity to work for your next kitchen remodeling project. Visit several kitchen remodeling websites and collect photos of things you think you may want in your new kitchen. We’ll do our very best to take your creativity and mix it with our remodeling expertise to deliver you the kitchen of your dreams.

What are your thoughts on kitchen remodeling and design? Do you like any of the 2014 trends we shared here? What would you like to do in your kitchen? We’d love to hear your ideas!