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Design Ideas to Brighten Your Old Bathroom


Many homeowners don’t realize that the bathroom is the second-most remodeled room in the home. The kitchen comes in at number one, because it is considered the heart of the home or the hub of family entertainment. Today we’re going to talk about ways you can brighten your old bathroom, and create an entirely new and inviting space.

New Windows

Most bathrooms have at least one window. Consider making space for more windows to allow a lot of natural light, or to implement specialty windows. Unique designs create an entirely new ambience in the bathroom. Consider, for example, adding a row of diamond shaped windows above a single rectangular window. The image is amazing, and more light may filter in without compromising your privacy.

New Appliances

A new toilet is probably in order if you’re considering remodeling the bathroom. Choose an eco-friendly model in a neutral color that you can make work with any paint colors or decor. Choose a new sink and vanity that flow well with your overall idea, and decide whether you’re going to purchase a new tub, shower stall, or have an entirely new tile shower unit custom made to fit the space.

New Flooring

Updated flooring makes a world of difference in a bathroom. Remove all appliances and cabinets before you choose your new flooring so that you can thoroughly inspect the room and discuss your options with us. We have some pretty amazing ideas for bathroom flooring, and we can do some crazy stuff with tile designs. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving really brightens a room in a variety of ways. You may choose to literally brighten the area by installing task lighting below the shelves, or paint the shelves a bright color to reflect natural light. Options for open shelving are nearly endless. Make sure to ask us about other ideas for open cabinets and shelving.

New Paint

New paint does wonders for an old, drab room. But don’t choose paint colors until you’ve decided what else you’re going to do to bring the old dated bathroom up to speed with today’s world. 

Paint the Trim

Trim around doors, windows, and the base of the room is generally either plain wood color, stained, or painted. Painting the trim is quite a job, especially if you remove it, sand it, paint it, and replace it. Keep that idea in mind before you choose trim colors.

The Trimmings

One visit to your local hardware or home improvement store will be proof enough that the array of light fixtures, water faucets, shower doors or a shower curtains, electrical outlet covers, and light switch covers is impressive to say the least. We will help you make these difficult decisions if needed, but you should have a good idea of what you want before the project calls for these so the finishing touches can be applied with ease.

Call Us for More Ideas

Tidewater Home Builders has more than 40 years of experience building and remodeling homes for a variety of clients here in Southern Maryland. We would love to schedule a consultation to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas and help you create the bathroom that fits your lifestyle.