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Create Your Own Private Getaway with One of These Reading Nook Ideas


Reading can be quite therapeutic and relaxing, but only if you can find a quiet place to get lost inside one of the newest releases. If you are continuously trying to outsmart your family, as you try to read a few pages here and there, you may want to consider creating a reading nook to use as your escape.

Here are 4 reading nook ideas that you can use to create your own private getaway:

Think Vertical

Those higher windows of your stairwell can be the perfect option for a reading nook, as long as you are not afraid of climbing up a ladder. Simply add the base of your reading nook, attach a ladder to the side, add a cushion and a few pillows along with a side rail, and you will have the perfect reading nook to enjoy.

Create a Tent

Sometimes reading nooks can look plain and unattractive. If you think that your reading nook is going to look like that, you may want to consider creating a tent to dress things up a little. Hang a set of curtains or colorful sheets from the ceiling and tie them back to create an elegant look. You can leave them open when you are reading, or you can close them for a more private setting. Closed can also serve as a Do Not Disturb to the rest of your family, although it may take some time for them to understand what that means!

Create Your Own Personal Library

There is no steadfast rule that a reading nook needs to be by a window, which is why a personal library is a wonderful idea. If you are having difficulty determining where to keep all your books, simply construct bookshelves along the walls of your reading nook, and voila, book storage! These shelves will also work for holding your reading glasses, a cup of tea or other beverage, and anything else that you may need as you are sitting in your private space relaxing.

Add a Swing

Just like you do not need a window for a reading nook, you don’t need an opening in a wall either. You can create your little nook by carving out one area of a room and adding a swing and a small table or bookshelf.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating reading nooks for you to enjoy. We urge you to use your imagination and create a space that works well for you and everyone else in your family that you may finally persuade to read a book or two.