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Create More Space in Your Small Bathroom with These Great Ideas


Bathroom space is something that everyone wants to forget about because there never seems to be enough real estate inside this much-used room of the house. However, there are many tricks that you can utilize to create additional space inside your bathroom, so you won’t feel as claustrophobic when you are in there.

Here are 6 great ideas that will help you create more space in your small bathroom:

Place the Sink in the Corner

A sink can take up a lot of room, but placing a pedestal sink in a corner can open up your bathroom and make it appear larger than it is.

Create a Floating Vanity

If you do not want to place your vanity in the corner, or even if you do, you may want to consider installing a floating one. When a vanity is up off the floor, it gives the illusion that the room is larger than it is. You can also utilize that space for additional storage if you place wicker baskets tucked back underneath.

Install a Large-Scale Pattern

A large-scale pattern, such as a wide strip of tile or a thick and wide paint stripe, can make your bathroom wall appear to continue on for miles. You won’t gain any space with this idea, but your bathroom will still look larger than it ever has.

Install a Glass Panel Instead of a Shower Door

Shower doors need to be able to swing outwards into the bathroom, which takes up a lot of space. However, a glass panel stays in place and keeps the water inside the shower and away from the floor. The glass will also make your bathroom appear larger because your eyes will not automatically stop at the edge of your shower.

Place a Towel Rod on Your Shower Door

We recommend installing a towel rod onto your shower door, as it will keep your towel close by while leaving you ample space on your walls for other storage options. This may not prevent all your towel storage issues, but you won’t need to worry about where to store the ones that you leave there.

Install a Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are becoming more popular because they allow you to install narrower or more unique sinks in bathrooms. A narrow sink will give you more room to walk through your bathroom, which means that your bathroom will be larger from then on.

These six ideas will help you create more space in your bathroom and we are sure that you can find other ways as well. Just remember, your goal is to make more room without cluttering up the space in the process.