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Create a Basement Apartment to Supplement Your Income


Basements are quite possibly the most underutilized area of the home. Most are used as climate controlled storage, and forgotten. Consider turning your home into an income generating entity that can serve as an apartment for your adult children later or as an in-law suite for aging parents. Tidewater Homebuilders has worked with hundreds of homeowners in the St. Leonard, MD area with great success. Call us any time to discuss transforming your finished basement into an apartment with multiple uses.

Full Basement Renovation

Remodeling a full basement into a fully functional apartment is a relatively simple process. Map out a floor plan that includes a bedroom, bathroom, living area, dining area, and kitchen. A large basement may even be turned into a two bedroom apartment.

  • A basement apartment is a great solution for adult children who have officially moved out and are ready for their own space. The separation between their childhood home upstairs and their new home downstairs may feel a bit blurred at times. This feeling will dissipate with time.
  • An in-law apartment becomes necessary when one’s parents need a little extra assistance, but aren’t ready for a retirement home. Many adults in their 40s invite elderly parents to live with them. This helps simplify life for the aging parents while providing a peace of mind to the homeowner because they’re able to be on call if a parent becomes ill or gets hurt.
  • A basement apartment may be rented to supplement the household income. Many college students and young couples look for small, inexpensive apartments throughout the year. Check the average price of rentals in the St. Leonard area to see if it would be worthwhile to transform your basement to create a suitable apartment.

Other Uses for Your Basement

Most homeowners don’t consider the idea that renovating their finished basement has the potential to double the square footage of their single story home, and one-third more square footage to a two story home. Such large increases in square footage greatly increase the way your home is used. Imagine for a moment what you could build downstairs to free up room in the upper floors.

  • Build a family room and use your current living room as a formal living room.
  • Create a home theater so you can entertain guests in a quiet, dark atmosphere.
  • Create a couple of bedrooms to use as guest bedrooms.
  • Create a hobby and crafts room to free up room upstairs.
  • Create a lounge with a wet bar and pool table.

Basement remodel options are nearly endless. Call Tidewater Homebuilders in St. Leonard, MD, to discuss your basement remodel ideas. We have remodeled hundreds of basements in the area, and would appreciate the opportunity to remodel yours.