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Costs, Plans, and Other Considerations to Keep in Mind when Building a Home Addition


Adding more square footage to your home can add to your sense of comfort and well being. It is easy to imagine an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or an extra bathroom, but you should have some idea of what this entails. This knowledge reduces the stress that many homeowners feel when building a home addition.

Cost of Home Addition

Even a small addition can be a pricey undertaking when you take into account the foundation, wall removal and finishes. The size and scope of the project are important, but other factors such the slop of the land can impact the budget. The average cost for home additions is roughly $40,000, but costs can run to well over $100,000. Low end home addition projects average $15,000 in cost, so consider setting a budget somewhere in the mid range unless you live in an upscale neighborhood.

The Plan

Building plans dictate the distance of the building from property lines, so one of the first steps is to locate them. Any addition should take into account the existing architecture and floor plan so the addition will blend seamlessly. An architect or designer will use the current floor plan to devise a practical addition to the structure. During the planning phase, you can decide which aspects of the project are unnecessary, or include a few improvements. These steps help to refine the budget, as you might be able to go with cheaper materials in some areas, or spend a bit more to get the look you want.

Possible Pitfalls

Much of the success of home addition rests not just on quality workmanship, but matching the exiting tone and look of the home. The floor can be one challenging area as it shows wear and tear over time. Even if you use similar flooring material in the addition, the difference may be obvious since it will be new. Some homeowners go overboard with the design choices for their additions, and the end result is that it does not match the rest of the structure. Matching the exterior can also pose a challenge if the colors look faded. One way around this is to use this opportunity to completely repaint the home.

It is best to talk to a designer about the look of your home addition. It should not feel like a separate building that has been attached to the original structure.