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Choosing Paint Colors for the Basement


Finishing your basement isn’t always a simple process. Sometimes choosing the right paint colors for your basement is the most difficult part. You may have some great ideas in mind for muted tones, but you just can’t see muted or dull colors in such a potentially-dark place. Today I’m going to show you several things to consider while choosing paint colors for your basement. 

Don’t Go Light 

Some people are convinced that light colors are the way to go in a basement area. We tend to disagree. Light colors show dirt very easily and tend to look very dull and drab if they aren’t lit well enough. Lighting is always an issue in a basement living area, and you don’t want to saturate the entire area with lamps and light fixtures.


Consider the purpose of the basement living area. Is it a child’s play area? A bedroom suite? Storage with a laundry room? The purpose of the space will help determine whether you use bright colors or stick with a basic white. Choose contrasting colors where possible to bring a new life to the space.

Many homeowners choose to create a large open area in the basement which includes a bar, entertainment area, and family media center. Choose rich, deeply saturated colors to lend a warm and inviting feel to the room. Rich colors counter low lighting in a way that light colors cannot. Consider eggplant or a rich orange color for example. These colors are amazing in low-light conditions due to the depth of color. 

Natural Light

Does your basement have any natural light at all? Many basements have very little, if any, natural light. This makes choosing paint colors quite difficult. You will need to rely on other lighting options to enhance the beauty of the colors you choose. 


Please remember to keep lighting in mind when choosing paint colors. Some colors may look fantastic under certain types of lighting, and horrific in others. A light bulb that casts a yellowish glow will make blue paint take on a yellow hue and look greenish. Likewise, a bulb that casts a bluish glow will make red paint appear purple. Use the light-boxes at your paint store to test your paint colors with the type of light you anticipate using in your basement.

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