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Watch Out for These Unexpected Damages while Remodeling Your Bathroom

I decided to end the summer with a couple of blogs about unexpected damages and expenses you may run into while remodeling. We remodel more kitchens and bathrooms than any other room in the house, so that’s where I’ll start. If you enjoy these blogs, let me know by leaving us a comment or sending […]

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Unexpected Problems that May Ruin Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans

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Kitchen remodeling before and after photos are usually pretty amazing, right? Have you ever wondered what exactly happened in the during phase? Most people think that going into a kitchen remodel project is going to be all rainbows and butterflies, but unfortunately it doesn’t always go down without a hitch. Today I’m going to go […]

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Small Bathroom Woes? Consider these Space Saving Ideas

Many two to four bathroom homes have that one bathroom that is much smaller than all of the others. Whether it happens to be a half bath or a full bath, the simple truth of the matter is that it is small and people tend to avoid it for that reason. Here are several ideas […]

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Remodel Your Porch to Create a Bug Free Oasis

Your existing open porch or deck could become a screened-in bug-free oasis in just a matter of days. The overall cost isn’t that expensive considering the amount of joy a screened porch would introduce into your life. Besides, it would increase the monetary value of your home and increase the sale price once you decide […]

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